"We had a need to reconstruct the side of a 100'x6' culvert that was using junipers to prevent soil erosion. Ground cover had deteriorated such that plants were dead and weeds were out of control. We had heard about and seen Carlton's work from other customers and were impressed with the outcome of those projects. Carlton researched and discussed options for how best to meet our requirements. We decided upon St. John's Wort due to it's erosion control capabilities, fast growth, heat resistance, and springtime flowering. Carlton provided CAD drawings of how the plants would be laid out. Unexpected delays throughout the project (eg: rain, supplies, etc) forced him to work during some of the hottest days of summer. Carlton's work ethic, attention to detail, and positive attitude resulted in a beautifully landscaped culvert that certainly contributed to a quick sale of our home when we put it on the market. Our best to the Urban Garden Project's future endeavors."

Bob and Mary Gail Vidrick / Mechanicsville, VA

"After moving into a new home several years ago, we decided that it would be important to enhance the general curb appeal of the front landscape, with a focus around our front foundation plants. These, in general, were too sparsely planted, too small and underwhelming, and out of scale for the house. They had also never bloomed fully since we had moved in, and some looked as if they had reached their end. Carlton advised us on which plants to keep and replace. He emailed us a wide array of plant photos, describing how their color changes would look throughout the seasons. We were grateful that his plant knowledge was expansive, creative, and unique. He listened to our needs, came up with plants different from our neighbors, and exposed us to a lot of great information that let us make the decision ourselves. We recommend The Urban Garden Project to anyone."

Charles and Elizabeth Valentine / Richmond, VA

"While a tenant at 6501 Stuart Avenue, Carlton improved the property value ten fold with his landscape expertise. He designed and installed a landscape plan for front and rear yards that is beautiful and vibrant! I was most impressed with his knowledge of native plantings. Where Carlton was most helpful, was identifying what plants and flowers would grow and flourish given the soil content, sunlight, shade, etc. He accomplished this with a limited budget, and installed 35+ plantings in a timely manner. Carlton was a pleasure to work with, and went the extra mile by proposing a electronic visual presentation, so that I could easily understand what he was proposing. I highly recommend Carlton Hines for your landscape project, big or small."

Paul Kastelberg, REALTOR(R), Joyner Fine Properties / Richmond, VA

"The entrance to my farmhouse is at the end of a 75 foot slate porch. My goal in adding 2 beds around the farmhouse was to hide the concrete foundation wall while adding year round color and native plants, with low maintenance for us. Carlton selected plants that cover the concrete and survive under the shade of a very large maple. He accomplished all this on his own without my advice or supervision."

Robert L. Burrus, Jr. / Richmond, VA